What If You Could Be Making WAY More Money?

Maximizing  Profits & Run a Wildly Successful short term rental business.
There is an underlying market force that makes all of the short-term rental markets possible. That force is called rental arbitrage. 

The simple way to put it is, you can start your business using someone else's property and at times without even using your own money.

Before we dive into some of the details, you will need to have a guide that will make your path to hosting a much smoother journey. It’s not just your home or  your extra room, hosting on Short-term Rental could involve many other parties and more commitment than what you expected. This is essentially why you need this program. 
My Path To 6-Figures on Short-term Rental was Simpler Than I Thought
Hi, I'm Adrian Wells, founder of The Lucas Luxury Group and CEO of a million-dollar luxury concierge company. I've been providing furnished "turnkey" accommodations to celebrities, athletes and corporate clients before Airbnb started.

I started out as a Real Estate Broker with over 34 years of experience but when the real estate market crashed in 2008 I had to figure out a different way to provide for my family.  That's when I started my luxury accommodations business and eventually placed some properties on Short-term Rental Platforms.
I had no idea how to get started. I had no one to guide me and show me what to do. I made a lot of mistakes and lost lots of money when I started initially. But now I am running multiple Short-term Rental units all from my phone. And that's why I created "Make 6 Figures with short-term rental from your phone!"

I know there are distractions all around us, but this strategy I'm going to share with you can change your life and income. As you continue to read on you will be able to hear from people who took my course and how it changed their lives. I can help you get started with short-term rental so much easier! Now let me help you get started or scale up in the short term rental market with Airbnb and more!

Little-Known Facts About Short-Term Rentals
  • You can profit 2x to 3x more on short-term rental units than traditional rentals
  • You do NOT need to own property to build a 6-figure short-term rental business
  • You do NOT need an expensive luxury home (in fact, you’ll profit more with a simple unit)
  •  You do NOT need to personally manage the units
  •  You do NOT need any real estate experience to be a successful host
Learn the Power of short term rental and How it can Change your Life!

✓ Learn how to get started today, even if you have zero experience.
✓ Discover a simple way to locate owners whose properties you can rent to start your short term rental business.
✓ The tricks to launching the ultimate “side hustle” by dedicating a few hours a week.
✓ The simple steps to launching your first profitable listing in the next 30 days.
✓ Learn the secrets to massive cash flow by collecting from multiple listings and multiple sources.
✓ The keys to outsourcing day to day operations so you can manage your side gig – part time.
✓ How to set up a “Virtual Front Desk” and keep you guests happy – without you!

✓ Easy and simple tools and templates you’ll need as you grow your business.
What is rental Arbitrage…
Rental Arbitrage is renting a property and re-renting it to someone else in the short term rental market.
In fact, you can make thousands of dollars a month per property
  • Without buying a property
  • Without renting out your personal residence
  • ​Without spending all your cash to get your business started.
All thanks to an innovative strategy called “Rental Arbitrage”.
Here’s how simple it is:
  • Rent a unit on a long-term lease in an area where short-term rentals are allowed
  • Set up a turnkey unit for short-term rentals
  • List the unit on Short-term Rental Platforms and more sources at a nightly rate that allows you to make 2x to 3x the monthly rent you pay

Get started now with rental Arbitrage!

Join my Short-term Rental Cash Flow Club for less than $10 a month
This price is unheard of!
 I charge thousands of dollars for my knowledge but I don't want you to have a reason not get started NOW!

You Don’t Have To Own a Single Property To Profit on Short-term Rental 

Here are a few properties we acquired through rental arbitrage
Of course, there’s a very specific way you need to approach a landlord so they’ll allow you to do this.
And there’s a certain strategy to follow so that you maximize rental income and minimize management headaches.

But I’ll share a little secret with you that I share with all my members! SIGN UP NOW for my live online class to find out
Get Access To Make Six Figures with my "live" online Short-term Rental  class For FREE (…100% Discount)
After creating a highly profitable blueprint for my Short-term Rental business, many of my seminar attendees expressed interest in using AirBnB or others as their launchpad into the world of investing.
So I spent months outlining everything I was doing that made my business so successful.

From how I analyzed properties to how I managed the guests and the cleaners…

To stocking my units with everything the guests need. 

How I consistently got 5-star reviews that kept my units in high demand with new and repeat guests.

And I put all into a simple system that any new investor can follow to quickly create a highly profitable short-term rental business that generates thousands of dollars in cash flow every month.
Make 6 Figures with Short-term Rental
Make Six Figures with Short-term Rental, live online, is the complete training you need to go from Zero to 6-Figures on Short-term Rental in the next 12 months. 
Just because you’re new to Short-term Rental doesn’t mean you have to deal with unnecessary headaches 
Here’s everything you’re getting by joining me today:

• Dynamic Training Videos
• Sample Budget Unit Worksheet
• "Host Style" Guidelines
• Inventory Checklist
• Unit Essentials List
• Furniture and Decor Guidelines Bonus Video
• …And more!

The business plan is set for you to tap into the multi-billion dollar short-term rental market.

• How would you spend your time differently if you knew you had thousands of dollars in profit flowing into your bank account every month?

• What would opportunities would be available to you if could count on steady cash flow?

• How confidently would you take action if you knew you success was almost certain because you were following a proven blueprint?

Give yourself a moment to let your mind run wild. Because that’s the motivation that will push you into action and ultimately into success.

Your Short-term Rental business is just the start of a bigger pursuit towards generational wealth that will impact you and your family’s lives for years to come.

And it all starts today. Right now.



Module 1: What Type of Host Are You ($349 Value)
Module 2: The Financial Plan ($377 Value)
• Finding the perfect part of town for your unit (HINT: It’s not always the trendy areas that make the most)

• The simple research shortcut that shows you EXACTLY where there’s the highest demand for short-term rentals

• The two overlooked elements EVERY guest demands (ignore these and bad reviews are a near certainty)

• Step-by-step breakdown of the Rental Arbitrage strategy (so you can start building your business without having to purchase a property)

• How to find the pricing “sweet spot” that will max out your profit and keep your unit consistently filled with guests

• Big property or small property? Here’s what you need to consider before deciding your path…
Module 3: Successfully Manage Your Short-term Rental Remotely ($499 Value)
• Creating a 5-Star Unit on a budget

• The biggest mistake new Air BnB hosts make (that costs them thousands unnecessarily)

• Your secret weapon for decorating (you’ll NEED this if you’re stylistically-challenged like me)

• The “Disaster Color” that will turn off most of your guests if used in your unit (and what colors to go with instead)

• Get the full list of Essentials your unit must be stocked with at all times

• Use my House Rules template to keep your unit in pristine shape
Module 4: Developing The Property ($449 Value)
• 7 Rate Distinctions you need to understand to price your unit for max revenue

• The psychological tactic you can use to create insatiable demand for your listing

• What you need to “seal the deal” so guests book immediately

• The pros and cons of each short-term rental platform (and which ones I recommend starting with)

• The BIGGEST FINANCIAL BURDEN when it comes to short-term rentals (and my strategy for staying ahead of the curve)

• 5 components of an irresistible property (skip these and your cash flow will suffer!)

• My simple secret for INSTANTLY standing out from the competition so you have a steady stream of eyeballs on your listings at all times
Module 5: The Proven Results ($497 Value)
• How to “Plant the 5-Star” Seed to virtually guarantee raving guest reviews

• Everything you need to include at check-in to ensure your guests are delighted with their stay

• Guest screening MUSTS to ensure you only accept high-quality guests who will respect your unit and house rule

• Red flags you can spot BEFORE accepting a booking request from a questionable guest

• The secret to preventing guests from leaving a bad review …even if they had problems during their stay!

• How to protect yourself during the dispute and chargeback process (this alone could save you thousands!)

• The step-by-step process for finding and managing a high-quality cleaning crew you can count on

Module 6: Bonus Video Furniture & Decor Guidelines ($447 Value)
• Learn the realistic blueprint for hitting 6-figures with short-term rentals in the next 12 months
The Set Up - How to set up your Airbnb and best places to purchase from, best brands that last! Tuesday, May 3rd, 2022, 6:00pm Eastern time.

The Experience - How to keep guest happy, resolve conflicts and get 5-star ratings. BONUS. Resources that will help you put together a winning team. You want your guest telling everyone about their experience! Tuesday, May 10th, 2022, 6:00 pm Eastern time.

The Finances - A complete budget breakdown to keep you profitable. May, May 17th, 2022, 6:00 pm Eastern time.

The Script - How to convince owners to allow short term rentals. What you need to say to walk away with the lease agreement. agreement. Tuesday, May 24th, 2022, 6:00 pm Eastern time.

Mastermind Strategy Session at $27 per class

Take Advantage of Special Discounted Pricing
The real cash value of the Make 6 Figures with Short-term Rental program is $2,618 but I'm offering you this program for FREE. 
That’s a very reasonable investment when you consider that just one unit on Short-term Rental can generate between $1,000 and $2,000 per month profit after all expenses are paid.
One good month would pay back that investment, and then some.
But you’re not going to stop there. Because the ultimate goal is to hit 6-Figures in Short-term Rental income…which you can do without ever needing to purchase property.
Plus I want to make this an easy decision for you, so I’m not charging anywhere near $2618.
It’s actually worth more to me to have you go through the program, take action to start building your business, and then report back on your success.
Ultimately, I want to get into as many hands as I can. That’s how much I believe in the future of Vacation Rentals.
And your success and testimonial will help other people in the future see that this is completely within their reach if they put the work in.
With that in mind, you and I are doing a bit of a value exchange, aren’t we?
Which is why I’m willing to discount the program for 100% to make it easy for you to join me today…

Your cash flow training starts today for FREE.

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